PubG vs Fortnite: Which Game is Technologically Superior

PubG vs Fortnite Which Game is Technologically Superior

PubG stands for Players Unknown Battle Ground and it was released back in 2017 on Microsoft and Steam, this game is based on a game developed by Brendan Greene and it is said to be inspired by the Japanese film from the year 2000 – Battle Royale. Fortnite is a game that was developed by Epic Games and was also released in 2017 and has three distinct game modes. Both of these games share the same premise, the storyline of the game is that one hundred players are dropped onto an island. Once they land the aim is to explore the island finding things such as weapons, these weapons are used to kill the other players and the last player standing wins the game. As these games are so similar it is no surprise that they have both become extremely popular, this means that there are many dedicated players on both platforms making it difficult for the average player to win, luckily the best pubg hacks on the internet are easy to find, and this is the same for Fortnite. It might be difficult to decide which game is better or which game is more worth playing as they share such a similar premise, to decide which game is better we’ll look at the pros and cons of both and which is technologically superior.


PubG has some technological advantages over Fortnite which could give it the edge, for example many gamers who review games have all concurred that PubG has much better visuals than Fortnite and the game has a better atmosphere when playing, it has a great technical environment. This is important when playing a game as it is one of the things that adds most to user experiences. Due to these great visuals, PubG is developing a dedicated community of gamers and their user base is continuing to grow rapidly. However, this is not to say that PubG is definitely technologically superior as there has been many reports of players having issues with PubG as it is still buggy. If it were technologically superior then this wouldn’t be an issue. The other thing that is putting players off PubG is that the game play can get quite repetitive very quickly and many users think that the pop in graphics in the game are annoying.


In some ways, Fortnite is technologically superior to PubG. Fortnite runs smoothly when it is being played, there are no bugs or glitches in it which is expected when playing a video game, something that PubG still needs to deal with properly. The game has many advantages over PubG, the biggest being that Fortnite is a free to play game, this will attract more people initially as gamers find it hard to say no to trying out games when they’re free. Whilst Fortnite’s visuals are technologically inferior to PubG, it still has a fun and bright game environment for people to play in which means that this doesn’t give PubG the edge. Fortnite also has some technological issues, the biggest issue many dedicated gamers have with Fortnite which leads them to playing PubG instead is that Fortnite has really inaccurate shooting mechanics. Shooting is the most important part of any battle royal game so having inaccurate mechanics can really ruin the experience for the user. In Fortnite it isn’t about skill it’s more about who has found the best weapon which means there is little room for improvement. Fortnite is also available on less device than PubG, once again giving PubG an advantage over it.