Here are answers to frequently asked questions that we often get e-mails and calls about:

Where can I see your dresses ?

Do you have a catalog ?

Are your dresses made in the USA?

When are appointments available in Los Angeles ?

How soon should we place our order ?

What is the schedule for handling our orders and charging?

How do we place our order(s) ?

Can we order over the phone ?

What about sales tax ?

We are outside the US, can we order from you ?

Are your dresses lined ?

Why are your silk dresses less than similar ones I've seen ?

Where are your dresses made ?

Do you handle alterations or design modifications to the dresses ?

What are your ironing instructions ?

Can I order extra fabric from AriaDress ?

Do you offer bridesmaid dresses?

Do you offer Mother of the Bride outfits ?

How should I choose the most appropriate size ?

I changed my mind about a size/style/color. I'd like to exchange it. Can I do this?

Can our wedding picture be added to AriaDress's online album? How?




Where can I see your dresses?
You may visit our showroom in Los Angeles. Our showroom is open by appointments only, please call or email to set up a time. Our wedding dresses are also shown in several bridal salons which are listed on our locations page.

Do you have a catalog?
Currently we do not have a printed catalog, however, our website actually has more pictures and the most complete and updated information about our line of dresses.

When are appointments available in Los Angeles?
Appointments are currently available on Mondays - Fridays (10am, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm) and Saturdays (10am, 11am, 1pm, and 2pm). You may reach us 9:00am to 5:00pm during weekdays. To get a weekend appointment you may need book early, perhaps even over a month in advance. Phone calls are returned on weekdays but there may be no one available to answer the telephone on weekends. Please note that we do not keep a record of sizes, styles or colors selected during an appointment prior to ordering -we encourage you to do so.
*Our showroom will be closed from 2/23/15-2/27/15*




How soon should we place the order?
We strongly recommend that we receive all the orders for a bridal party 4 months before the wedding or earlier. Most dresses take 12 weeks or less but we want to make sure you have a time-cushion after the bridesmaids have received our bridesmaid dresses should any minor alterations be necessary and so forth.

What is the schedule for handling the orders and charging?
When all the orders from your bridal party are received and charged then we consider the placement of the order to be completed. Full amount of order is due at confirmation. When items are ready earlier than expected they are usually shipped immediately and without notice.

How do we order ?
Our order forms are here. Please save the file to your computer. Open and the file should be fillable. After filling the forms out save and print to be mailed/faxed or save and attached to email them to us.

You may also call us at (213) 765-0228 to request a faxed, e-mailed or mailed copy. Our fax number is: 213-765-8008, scan and email your completed order form to inquiry@ariadress.com, or you may mail completed order forms to: Aria, 1031 S Broadway Ste 202, Los Angeles, CA 90015.
Please be sure to follow the guidelines on the sizing and ordering pages before ordering and do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.

Can we order over the phone?
Orders must be faxed, e-mailed, or mailed to us or may be placed in our showroom. For your protection (and ours) we must have a signed order form and order agreement. If you have questions about ordering you are welcome to call.

Do you charge sales tax on the order?
A sales tax of 9% must be added to the form for orders shipped to California. We do not charge sales tax for any other state.

We are outside the USA, may we order your dresses?
We do accept international orders. The difference is that shipping charges are on a case-by-case basis. If you are in any other country, please contact us prior to ordering to see if it is possible. If we cannot process an order for your particular country we would suggest getting someone in the US to order on your behalf if possible.




Are your dresses lined?
These are very well constructed top quality dresses and they are fully lined.

Why are your silk bridal dresses less than similar ones I have seen?
We are the manufacturer and we produce all our own dresses. Buying direct from us often would result in a substantial savings over other dresses of similar quality.

Are your dresses made in the USA?
Yes! All of our dresses are and have always been made in the USA. For quality control purposes they are produced domestically so that we may monitor closely and ensure a quicker turnaround time.

Do you offer alterations or handle special modifications?
We do offer special modifications to our designs at an additional cost.

What are your ironing instructions?
As far as eliminating the wrinkles goes, the safest way is ironing with a medium or high setting, preferably with a clean, thin cloth between the iron and the dress and no steam. Professional dry cleaners accustomed to dealing with silk may be able to steam them with their specialized equipment if done properly. The reason we want people to be careful about steam is that many home irons tend to spit out water in droplets unevenly and that sometimes can stain.

Can I order extra fabric from AriaDress?
We do offer our fabrics to those who are already ordering dresses from us. 1/2 yard is the smallest quantity that can be ordered.

Do you offer bridesmaid dresses?
We have transitioned to a bridal only designs and will no longer offer bridesmaid dresses at this time.

Do you offer Mother of the Bride outfits ?
We currently do not offer Mother of the Bride outfits, sorry.

What should I keep in mind when trying to choose the most appropriate size?
it is very important to go here to our size and measurement page for more details and the size chart.

You should have an accurate bust, waist and hip measurements taken. We suggest to stop by a local dry cleaner, where they are usually happy to assist them if they are not sure about their measurements. Then you should pay close attention to our size chart to choose the size (rather than ordering your usual dress size) because different dress labels may size differently. Our dresses run very true to our size chart. We are always happy to help with sizing or any other questions anyone may have.

I changed my mind about a size/style/color. I'd like to exchange it. Can I do this?
We do not carry any dresses off the rack. All the fabric is ordered and dresses made to the particulars of your order. If the dress is a bit too large, it can usually be altered without too much effort. We do ship only standard sizes so minor alterations are sometimes needed, but the dress would not be unwearable -merely in need of alteration. So we do not accept returns. If an order is canceled before it has left our warehouse, 50% of the order may be refunded. Any change requests for an order already received must be emailed to AriaDress AND must be confirmed as an AriaDress email reply in order for it to be valid. If you do not receive such a confirmation then it is not likely the change was (or could be) made. We cannot change the order after the fabric for the dress is cut. The order cannot be canceled after the dress is sent to the customer. A new dress could be ordered but we usually recommend that alteration be tried instead.

Can our wedding picture be added to AriaDress's online album? How?
It would be our honor to have your wedding picture featured on our website. Please submit your jpeg photo by sending it to inquiry@ariadress.com.
We encourage you to be creative while taking your pictures, who knows, your bridal party may end up being featured in a national wedding magazine someday!